Gov’t using PR stunts to play down economic woes, ND says


Hours after the SYRIZA-led administration accused the conservative opposition of siding with big business interests by seeking to roll back regulations protecting workers, New Democracy hit back claiming the administration is using PR stunts to play down the pauperization of the Greek people.

“The government which, according to [ex-Eurogroup chief Jeroen] Dijsselbloem ‘made life easier for creditors’ is asking what would have happened if New Democracy been in charge of negotiations [with creditors],” the opposition said in a statement.

“Here is what would not have happened: We would not have seen [austerity] measures worth 15 billion euros; we would not have seen 27 new taxes and 21 pension cuts; we would not have had austerity with a 3.5 percent primary surplus until 2022; there would have been none of the shameful provisions that hurt workers and serve [the interests of] casinos; we would not have the growing pauperization of Greeks,” it added.

Earlier on Wednesday, an unnamed government official accused the conservatives of voting against legislation giving workers the right to guaranteed compensation in the event of employer insolvency.

“Try as it may, the opposition party cannot hide its real face,” the official said.