Operation continues to provide proper burial to Greek WWII fighters in Albania


The remains of four Greek soldiers killed in fighting in World War II were exhumed in Albania on Tuesday, after two more were disinterred the previous day.

The joint Greek-Albanian operation went into effect on Monday and is aimed at providing a proper burial to 8,000 Greek soldiers who died in the 1940-1941 Greco-Italian war, starting with those who perished in the capture of Klisura Pass, which was won by the Greek side.

Greece’s consul-general in Albania, Vassilis Tolos, is supervising the operation, which was agreed between the two sides in 2009 and mobilized by the two countries’ foreign ministers during a meeting in Crete in November.

It is expected to take several months to bring up all of the remains from the mass grave, after which time they will be buried in specially designated cemeteries.