New Democracy says gov’t has not done enough to prevent a climax in the Aegean


New Democracy foreign affairs spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos criticized the government on Friday that it has not done all it could to avert a climax of Turkish aggression in the Aegean.

Speaking on Real FM radio station Koumoutsakos, a career diplomat, said that the government “has made a wrong judgment regarding Turkey’s intentions.”

“Tension in the Aegean will continue, this is our assessment. We are not saying it will grow but it will be maintained, even as a distraction from the main front that Turkey is interested in at the moment, which is to prevent the drilling for hydrocarbons off Cyprus,” said Koumoutsakos.

“Turkey evolves into an uncertain neighbor, an uncertain ally as well as an obstacle to the implementation of the policy for energy security in Europe. We ought to highlight these [issues] in time. We do not believe the government has acted properly to avert a climax in the Aegean,” he added.