Pair caught with 9 kilos of heroin at Igoumenitsa


Two foreign nationals were arrested on Friday by coast guard officials in Igoumenitsa, western Greece, for attempting to smuggle heroin to Ancona in Italy.

The a 72-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man were detained after sniffer dogs located 9 kilos of heroin in their car before it could be driven onto the Ancona-bound ferry boat.

The drugs were concealed beneath the floor under the front seats.

In a separate incident on Friday, police in the western Greek town of Preveza seized 1.5 kilos of heroin after a car chase.

Three Three Albanian nationals, aged 53, 45 and 39, were arrested.

According to reports, police, who were working on a tip-off, signaled to the car to stop at a road block on the Ionia highway but its driver sped off, prompting a car chase.

Police found the drugs after searching the car.