Five injured in far-right attack on leftist hangout in Piraeus


Five people were injured on Sunday evening when a group of men believed to be far-right supporters smashed their way into a leftist community center in the port city of Piraeus.

The attackers were wielding tire irons and lit smoke bombs when the barged into the premises shortly after 7 p.m., attacking the people who were gathered there at the time and smashing windows and furniture.

According to reports on an anarchist website, the attackers shouted the slogan “blood, honor, Golden Dawn,” which is used by the far-right party that is currently on trial for a string of attacks, some deadly, on migrants and opponents.

Among the five people injured is the lawyer representing the family of Pavlos Fyssas, a musician who was stabbed to death by a self-professed Golden Dawn member in September 2013, the incident that is at the center of the current trial.