Simitis: Athens should press EU to enforce measures to protect Greece from Turkey


In a statement on Wednesday, former socialist prime minister Costas Simitis said Athens should urge European Union officials to enforce measures to protect Greece from Turkey which has become increasingly aggressive in recent weeks.

Specifically, Simitis said that Brussels should underline the need for Turkey to resolve any differences with its neighbors peacefully on a bilateral level if possible, in line with the 1999 Helsinki accord, and if that is not possible then to appeal the International Court of Justice.

"An important issue in relations between the EU and Turkey is the dangerous course of Greek-Turkish ties," Simitis said in his statement, referring to an upcoming meeting of EU leaders with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on March 26.

"A random event can provoke an uncontrolled confrontation," he warned, adding that peace in the region "is a matter of concern to the entire [European] Union."

An EU candidate country cannot question the borders of members of the union, he added.