Businessman, 52, in critical condition after burglars shoot him


A 52-year-old businessman was in critical condition in the hospital on Monday after burglars entered his home in Kifissia, northern Athens, in the early hours and shot him after an altercation.

According to initial reports, the two men broke into the businessman's home just after 5 a.m., awoke him and threatened him with a gun.

When he resisted, a scuffle ensued and the man was hit on head, probably by the butt of a gun, as the wound to his head indicated, before being shot twice in the back.

The 52-year-old was to undergo an operation at the capital's G. Gennimata hospital where doctors said he was in a critical condition.

According to reports, the entrepreneur's wife and two children had been in the house at the time of the attack but were not harmed.