ND leader points to plan to boost jobs and tackle poverty


In a speech in Karditsa, central Greece, conservative New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared that the problems of ruling SYRIZA should not become Greece's problems. 

"Greece will move forward, we Greeks deserve better than this," he said, saying that ND had a plan to boost growth and tackle joblessness which is particularly high in some provincial parts of Greece. 

Accusing the SYRIZA-led government of lying to the Greek people, Mitsotakis said ND would offer "few words and a lot of action" and pledged to foster unity and solidarity among Greeks, accusing the government of sowing division.

He said ND has a plan to tackle poverty and social exclusion that would secure 1 billion euros to distribute among 800,000 Greeks on the lowest incomes.

Separately, in a post on his Twitter account, Mitsotakis criticized the office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for not issuing any statements on Saturday, the eighth anniversary of the death of three Marfin bank workers during an anti-austerity protest.