Notary slams ‘provocateurish’ office attack by Rouvikonas


The notary whose office in central Athens was raided by anarchist group Rouvikonas on Friday said she will not be “terrorized,” rejecting the group’s accusation that she handled electronic foreclosures for main residencies.

Members of Rouvikonas smashed windows and equipment in the notary’s office, and scattered flyers on their way out of the building.

“The specific attack serves other kind of agendas, as there is no chance a main residence has been foreclosed by me. It aims to incriminate in a provocateurish way the protests against foreclosures,” Theresia Dalla-Polyzoe said in a statement.

“I respond to those who attacked my office with hoods and sledgehammers and state that I will not be terrorized and will continue my action to protect the rights of people,” she added.