Government planning 42,521 more civil service hirings by 2022


Despite the fiscal restrictions imposed by Greece’s creditors, the leftist-led government plans to hire another 42,521 people in the public sector in the coming years.

That figure, which includes 7,286 municipal authority employees, is set out in the so-called “Medium Term Fiscal Plan 2019-2022,” which is part of the multi-bill that was submitted to Parliament on Friday.

The hirings are described in a chapter titled “Main Government Priorities.” Athens said it can approve up to 7,266 hirings by year-end, in line with existing rules.

At the moment, the government can hire one new worker for every three employees who leave the state sector. The ratio will be 1:1 as of next year.

Hirings are planned at the ministries of Defense, Interior, Shipping, Health, Justice and Education, Greece’s manpower organization (OAED) and local government organizations.

The SYRIZA-led administration has come under fire for creating plum jobs for political cronies.