Potami leader confirms his party will back FYROM name deal


Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis said he is in favor of the deal reached between Athens and Skopje on the decades-long name row on Tuesday, calling it a “necessary first step” that needed to be taken.

“Potami was in favor of a solution on the Macedonian issue since its establishment. It is urgent to get a good deal with our neighbors, so that we don’t hand them over to Turkey as a present,” he told lawmakers during a debate in parliament over a package of reforms that will conclude Greece’s fourth program review.

He said the deal may have some weaknesses but urged all political parties to steer clear of nationalist slogans.

Theodorakis also said his party will not approve the prior actions bill which he said will burden Greeks further and cautioned the government over the “distrust” of international markets towards Greece.

“On August 21, the fairy tales are over. We will have to find our way out of the forrest. It already seems that the international markets show distrust towards Greece,” he said.