ND vows to scrap law that granted leave to terrorist


New Democracy vowed Tuesday to abolish the “despicable” “Paraskevopoulos law,” which led to the release Tuesday, for a third time, of convicted November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas on a two-day furlough.

Koufodinas, who is serving 11 life sentences, was released after he went on hunger strike for almost two weeks. ND said it was “inconceivable for the state to be blackmailed because an assassin went on a hunger strike.” 

His release was also slammed by Kostas Bakoyannis, the regional governor of Central Greece and son of ND MP Pavlos Bakoyannis who was killed by N17 in 1989. In a Facebook post, he said that all one has to do get out of prison is to “go on hunger strike, or tell your friends to do a sit-in or raise a banner.”

The US Embassy called his release a “shameful injustice to his many victims’ families and a further incentive for his anarchist followers to commit violent and destructive acts in his name.”