Leading member of Rouvikonas remanded over threat to Skai TV, radio


A leading member of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group has been remanded for questioning after allegedly posting a threat on social media against broadcaster Skai TV and radio.

Giorgos Kalaitzidis was remanded in the downtown Athens neighborhood of Exarchia after a social media post from an account in his name threatened to “burn down” the broadcaster. 

“We will burn Skai down. Today, tomorrow, in 10 years – I don’t know. But we will burn it down. And we will dance around the ashes,” the post said, prompting an Athens prosecutor to call for an immediate investigation into the threat.

Kalaitzidis is known as a leading force in Rouvikonas (Rubicon in Greek), an anarchist group responsible for dozens of attacks or varying degrees of violence against politicians, foreign embassies, judicial authorities and state officials, among other perceived “establishment” targets.