Government’s ‘expiration date’ is September 2019, says ANEL leader


The "expiration date" of the Greek coalition government is September 2019, the leader of the junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) said on Tuesday, speaking at an evening newscast on private broadcaster ANT1.

Asked about the agreement signed between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) over the latter's name, he reiterated his view that the approval procedure in the neighboring country will likely take over two years.

“For the deal to come to Parliament [in FYROM], there would have to be elections in Skopje to elect a new president, [and] a referendum,” he said.

“Then, the agreement will be submitted to the Greek Parliament. I believe this procedure will take more than two years.”

Kammenos reiterated his call for a wide parliamentary approval of the name deal, saying he “will not allow” it to be approved by a minimum majority of 151 votes.

He also attempted to rebuff reports of an apparent rift in the coalition created by the name deal, saying he supports Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the government “until the end.”