Former finance minister: Greece will not remain in eurozone with existing politicians


Former finance minister Alekos Papadopoulos took a swipe at politicians of all stripes on Thursday over their remarks on Greece's economy during a debate in Parliament on the Eurogroup deal, saying the country will not be able to remain in the eurozone with the current “maladjusted” political personnel.

“I watched Parliament today and I consider it my duty to intervene and address that section of the people which has an understanding of the real state the country is in. Greece, in the medium-term, will not be able to remain in the eurozone with the maladjusted political personnel it has today,” he said in a statement sent to media.

Greece's creditors will stop lending the country after August and the country will then depend on the  international markets for its funding, he continued.

He said all the approved measures that will be implemented in the coming years “are absolutely necessary for the adjustment and survival of the country,” including the much-talked about pension cuts which Papadopoulos says are necessary to save pensions.

“The election demagogues are lurking to blow up all the efforts made so far,” he added.

Papadopoulos served in consecutive PASOK governments as finance minister between 1994-1996, health minister between 2000-2002 and interior minister 1996-1999.