Turkey says Greece granting asylum to criminals


Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Sunday slammed a decision by Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis to block the extradition of journalist Turgut Kaya, despite a court ruling clearing the process in early June.

“This reveals once again that the traditional sentiments of the Greek political power against Turkey have not changed,” ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement. 

“Greece, which provided a shelter to PKK leader Ocalan in the past, today grants asylum to criminals wanted by Turkey and easily ignores the court judgements regarding their extradition,” he said, a reference to imprisoned Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan.

“Greece is expected to respect good-neighborly relations and embrace the norms of contemporary law,” he said.

Kaya, 45, was arrested by Greek authorities in February while trying to enter the country. Turkish police consider him a terror suspect.