Myconos mayor takes legal action over spike in crime


The mayor of Myconos, Constantinos Koukas, on Wednesday took legal action against former citizens’ protection minister Nikos Toskas over a spike in crime on the popular holiday island.

Koukas also sued the chief of the Greek Police (ELAS), according to sources, though it remained unclear whether that action was against outgoing ELAS chief Constantinos Tsouvalas or his replacement, Aristides Antrikopoulos.

The move came two days after the head of the island’s municipal council, Miltiades Atzamoglou, was beaten up outside a bar in Myconos town, and amid an increase in robberies, burglaries and drug dealing.

Earlier this month, Koukas and Nikos Zorzos, the mayor of Santorini, which also has a problem with increased crime, appealed to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to boost the police presence on the islands. Koukas reiterated that appeal yesterday to Interior Minister Panos Skourletis, who has temporarily assumed Toskas’s duties.