Police identify leading Rouvikonas member involved in Foreign Ministry assault


Authorities said on Thursday that they have identified a leading member of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group who entered the premises last Tuesday of the Foreign Ministry building in Athens.

Police said they found the suspect’s motorbike near the building and identified him as the author of a threatening statement posted by the group after the assault. 

Members of the group scaled the gates of the Foreign Ministry in central Athens and left a bag containing a Palestinian flag and photographs of people killed in recent clashes with the Israeli army.

A video of Tuesday’s incident, posted on anti-authoritarian websites, shows a number of individuals climbing over a gate and leaving a bag on a path between two buildings.

In a statement accompanying the video, the group said the incident was “symbolic,” adding, that if the bag had contained a bomb, “it would have blown the building sky-high.”

So watch out,” it warned.