Top prosecutor sues successor over leaks


Greece’s former top corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou has submitted a suit accusing her colleague Eleni Touloupaki, who succeeded her as corruption prosecutor, of violating the secrecy of testimony and slandering both her and her husband in relation to the Novartis health scandal probe.

Raikou’s suit relates to reports naming her husband, doctor Lazaros Karnesis, as one of the people on the list of medical professionals being investigated in the affair.

As Touloupaki is overseeing the probe, Raikou holds her responsible for the leak of information relating to her husband.

Karnesis has publicly responded to the reports linking him to the probe, denying any connection with the Swiss pharmaceutical company beyond the participation in a group study in 2009 for which he received 1,000 euros.

He has also lodged a legal suit against Touloupaki and her associates.