Suspected leader of Rouvikonas anarchist group to face prosecutor


A suspect who is believed to be a leading member of the Rouvikonas anarchist group is due to face a prosecutor on Tuesday after allegedly making a threatening call to an Athens hospital.

The 39-year-old was arrested after police traced the call made to Athens's Red Cross (Erythros Stavros) Hospital on Sunday night, threatening to vandalize the hospital unless a police guard was removed from the room of an unidentified foreign national.

The call was reportedly made from a cell phone that police had traced to the suspect during a previous investigation into Rouvikonas, which has carried out dozens of vandalism attacks on targets such as foreign embassies, ministries and state serves in recent years.

According to reports, several members of Rouvikonas had visited the hospital on Sunday to check on another member of the group who was injured during clashes with riot police on the sidelines of Saturday's rally marking the 45th anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic student uprising against the military dictatorship and took issue with the presence of a police guard outside the room of the other man.