Archibishop: Church-state deal hinges on top bodies,’ priests’ approval


The tentative agreement with the state to resolve the issue of the the Greek Church's assets and the payment of its clergy will depend on whether it will secure the approval of its top governing bodies and its priests, Archbishop Ieronymos reportedly said on Friday.

“Nothing will be done if the priests do not consent; we do not want them to lose their rights. Nothing will happen if it is not accepted by the Holy Synod, the Hierarchy and the state,” he reportedly said during a meeting with Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Katerina Papakosta.

Papakosta visited Ieronymos to present her views on the government’s planned constitutional review.

“I welcomed the beginning of the dialog to resolve the issues that have affected us for almost a century. We can continue together with distinct roles while respecting the role of the other,” she said.

According to the deal, the two sides will set up a fund to manage and develop property claimed by both the Church and the state since 1952, while priests will be removed from the state payroll.