Antonis Karakousis has been appointed editor-in-chief of Kathimerini as of January 1, 2002. He has been promoted from managing editor to succeed Stamos Zoulas, who has been appointed editorial consultant and who retains his position on Kathimerini’s board of directors. Zoulas will also continue to write commentaries. Editor Christos Panagopoulos has been promoted to managing editor in Karakousis’s place. Prime Minister Costas Simitis, who made Greece’s entry into the eurozone his government’s top priority, was the first Greek to draw the new currency, using an ATM set up at the Bank of Greece. A special ceremony there included music from EU member states and videos of the history of the drachma and the ancient Greek myth of Europa. There were also links with other parts of Athens, such as the Acropolis, and other Greek cities combining celebrations to welcome the new year and the new currency.