Court acquits 21 defendants over Skouries gold mine arson attack


A three-member criminal appeals court on Friday acquitted all 21 people accused of taking part in an arson attack on the offices and vehicles of Hellas Gold, at the Skouries mine in February 2013.

“From all the evidence and the hearing there are indications of guilt against the accused, but there have been incidents that contradict these indications and raise doubts as to their guilt,” the president of the court said, at the end of the hearing.

“Full proof of guilt is required in order to convince the court. For this reason, they are all found innocent of all charges,” he added.

The defendants faced charges that included attempted murder, forming a criminal gang, robbery and causing an explosion. The prosecutor had requested the conviction of five people.

The ruling was received enthusiastically from family members, friends and supporters of the accused who were present in the court room.