ND slams Kammenos over offsets in F-16 deal


Greece’s main New Democracy opposition on Wednesday attacked Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over an amendment that included offsets in a deal to upgrade the Hellenic Air Force fleet of F-16 fighter jets.

Lack of transparency in the application and distribution of offsets has traditionally prompted allegations of mismanagement and corruption. The SYRIZA-led administration has in the past pledged to end the policy.

Conservative lawmaker Simos Kedikoglou said the House’s Military Procurements committee had not been briefed over the new contract being prepared by the Greek Ministry of Defense.

He also questioned the transparency of the amendment saying it amounted to “gross misconduct.”

Further adding to the controversy, the amendment prescribing 230 million euros in offsets was submitted to Parliament amid speculation that Kammenos, who is also leader of junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL), will quit the alliance over his objections to the Prespes accord.