Centrist party spokesman says MPs can vote according to their conscience on name deal


Pavlos Christides, the spokesman for centrist Movement for Change, known by its acronym KINAL, said on Monday that its MPs can vote according to their conscience when a vote on the Macedonia name deal comes to Parliament.

"The time has come for a face-to-face showdown with Mr Tsipras," Christides said, referring to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. "KINAL is SYRIZA's greatest rival," he added, referring to the ruling leftists. 

He added that the so-called Prespes name deal "is problematic for our national interests." 

In comments to the news247 website, Christides said there was no question of party discipline when it comes to the Macedonia name deal vote which is expected to take place at some point after the confidence vote this week.

However he expressed his optimism that there would be no differentiation from the stance taken by Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Thanassis Theoharopoulos against the deal.