Former Potami MP says he is not joining SYRIZA


Spyros Danellis, a former lawmaker of centrist To Potami, defended his decision to support the government in a no-confidence vote that will be held late on Wednesday, saying it does not mean he is joining ruling SYRIZA.

Danellis was ousted from the party when he said he intended to support the government in a no-confidence vote called by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras last Saturday, after he parted ways with his junior coalition partner ane the leader of the Independent Greeks (ANEL), Panos Kammenos.

Explaining hs position during the debate in Parliament, he said: “I had said we should give a vote of confidence in the government if it links it with the Macedonian issue. I saw there was this contradiction: we were saying, on the one hand, that it is a patriotic duty and a national imperative to ratify the Prespa agreement, and on the other hand, we did not understand that the existence of this specific government that brought the deal for a vote is a natural prerequisite.”

“The Prespes agreement is beneficial for the country, but society seems to be blind to logic,” he added.