Three officers injured in clashes with name deal protesters outside MP’s house


Three police officers were injured on Thursday night as they tried to prevent a mob of residents opposed to the Prespes agreement from reaching the home of a government MP in Katerini in northern Greece.

The mob, which was trying to get to the private residence of Pieria lawmaker Elisavet Skoufa, attacked a police cordon preventing their passage with stick and rocks, sending three officers of hospital.

Police took in 11 people for questioning before the mob left the area and headed to SYRIZA office in the town of Katerini to protest the government's name deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Six of the suspects were later placed under arrest.

A similar incident, meanwhile, took place in the northern town of Drama, when a group of residents opposed to the deal gathered outside the home of another SYRIZA MP, Christos Karagiannidis, on Thursday night.

The protest was without incident as police managed to disperse the crowd peacefully.

In another related development, name deal proptesters attacked SYRIZA's offices in Serres.