2 charged, 3 sought for boy’s kidnapping

Two young Albanian men were charged on Saturday with kidnapping a schoolboy in central Greece last week and demanding a 100,000 euro ransom from his parents. The two suspects, identified as Arzen Sarku, 20, and Baryamai Gazmir, 19, were arrested on Friday at the train station in the northwestern Peloponnesian city of Patras. Police said they had been planning to board a ferry for the Ionian Islands, hoping to escape the nationwide manhunt for the boy’s kidnappers. The 11-year-old, who was lured away on Tuesday from outside his home in the village of Arma, in Viotia, and left tied up in an abandoned farmhouse, managed to escape his captors early on Wednesday after biting through his bonds. Attica Police Chief Vassilis Tsiatouras said another three young Albanians were being sought. He said all five had worked as farmhands for the boy’s father.