Jail terms for 12 kidnappers


A court on Crete Thursday convicted all 12 suspects in the abduction of businessman Michalis Lembidakis in March 2017. They received prison terms ranging from 11 to 26 years and four months.

All 12 suspects were convicted of abduction and attempted blackmail.

The ringleader, a 46-year-old Cretan based in Athens, was given 26 years and four months. Two of the suspects – also Cretans, aged 40 and 41, who had worked as body guards for Lembidakis – got 14-year terms.

The businessman was freed after six months in captivity in October 2017. A police raid on a junkyard near the Cretan port of Rethymno led to the discovery of the emaciated businessman tied to a mattress.