Rouvikonas hits Swiss Embassy after French retailer


Suspected members of the Rouvikonas anarchist group on Monday threatened a guard at the Swiss Embassy in Athens and forced their way onto the premises to scatter fliers, a day after smashing windows at a French home improvement store in the capital and splashing paint on the storefront.

Police remanded 10 suspects in connection with Monday’s incident, but made no arrests.

French retailer Leroy Merlin issued a statement on Monday following Sunday’s attack on its store in the northern suburb of Maroussi, expressing relief that “this violent attack did not leave any victims” and calling on authorities to protect foreign companies investing in Greece.

It also refuted claims by the anarchist group in a web post that it forces its employees to work long hours.

The two incidents have prompted fresh criticism of the authorities’ failure to crack down on the group, which has carried out dozens of similar raids and attacks on foreign embassies and businesses.