Pyatt: Deepening US-Greece relationship has strong bipartisan support in Washington


US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt has hailed the launching of the Strategic Dialogue between the United States and Greece as capping a year of historic progress in relations between the two NATO allies, while emphasizing that the strengthening of bilateral ties enjoys cross-party support.

“Deepening the US-Greece relationship has strong bipartisan support in the United States,” Pyatt said during a late Tuesday event on Greece’s geopolitical role and Greek-American relations that was hosted by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).

Speaking of the US-Greece Strategic Dialogue, which was launched by (then alternate) Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos and US Secretary Michael Pompeo, Pyatt said that the process “elevated and institutionalized our relationship in  a manner consistent with how many of the embassy’s long-time friends have viewed the US-Greece alliance.”

The US ambassador stressed that there is “strong appreciation” in Washington for Greece’s role as a pillar of stability in the wider region, the country’s “impressive contributions” during the migration crisis, as well as the implementation of the so-called Prespes accord.

“In Washington, the stock of the US-Greece relationship today is higher than it has been for many years,” Pyatt said, adding that it is reflected in the unprecedentedly large American delegation that will be at the Delphi Forum this weekend.