Potami leader says creation of cremation sites long overdue


The leader of centrist Potami, Stavros Theodorakis, said on Tuesday Greece needs to speed up the establishment of cremation sites so that people will stop sending their dead to Bulgaria where the procedure is allowed.

His comment followed news that Environment and Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis signed a decision last week paving the way for the construction of a crematorium in a city-owned plot in the Athens area Elaionas, together with a park surrounding the facility.

“No, we will not celebrate the umpteenth signature for the cremation site that will one day be created in Athens. We will wait for the moment when the dead will stop being exiled to Bulgaria for cremation. Only then will we have defeated the bureaucratic and other monsters of regression, ” Theodorakis said in a tweet.

The creation of a cremation facility will bring Greece in line with European legislation following years of delays prompted mainly by objections from the church.