3 Cypriots held over boat orgies

NICOSIA (AFP) – Police on Cyprus have arrested three local people on suspicion of organizing sex romp cruises in the Mediterranean off the Ayia Napa resort for British and Scandinavian tourists, authorities said on Saturday. «Three people were arrested on Friday night in connection with an investigation into the performing of indecent acts in public,» a police spokesman told AFP. «Evidence was collected from witnesses that during boat trips off Ayia Napa, sex acts were carried out accompanied by music and drinking.» Police said the three, who are suspected of organizing and promoting the so-called sex cruises, were likely to be charged with permitting and instigating indecent sex acts, before being released. The arrests follow a report on the local Mega TV station showing tourists aged between 18 and 30 involved in sex and drugs orgies during short cruises off the popular clubbing resort. Commerce and Tourism Minister George Lillikas has said that such events «ruin the reputation» of Cyprus as a quality tourist destination.