Tsipras tries to rebrand SYRIZA party


With Greece gearing up for ballots next month, ruling SYRIZA is trying to expand its electoral catchment by rebranding its image as a “progressive” political force.

During a rally in the Athens district of Galatsi on Saturday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras issued a call to “progressive citizens.” He went as far as to tap into the legacy of the PASOK party, drawing parallels between the once-dominant socialists’ famous “change” slogan and SYRIZA’s 2015 election victory.

Meanwhile, it was announced that former socialist minister Yiannis Ragousis and PASOK veteran Stefanos Tzoumakas were joining SYRIZA. Both were present at the rally.

PASOK chief Fofi Gennimata said the PM was trying to “mask” himself as a progressive when he is in fact “in a tight embrace with the old and worn-out.”

In another controversial move, the central committee of Democratic Left (DIMAR) said on Saturday it would align with SYRIZA ahead of the upcoming polls. The decision exposed divisions inside the minor leftist party that has often been criticized for its erratic political trajectory.