US envoy talks with regional governor, visits Karamanlis home in Serres


US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was in the northern Greek region of Serres on Friday, where he met with local officials and visited the family home of late statesman Constantinos Karamanlis.

Pyatt met with Serres Deputy Regional Governor Yiannis Moysiadis, where they discussed ways for the region to bolster relations with its northern neighbors, as well as the work being done with the Thessaloniki-based American Farm School, the ambassador said on his Twitter account.

Pyatt also posted a tweet from a meeting with Serres MP Costas Karamanlis in the village of Proti, which took place at the lawmaker's ancestral home, where the late statesman Constantinos Karamanlis, was born in 1907.

The house is now a museum dedicated to the emblematic politician's life and work.

“Enjoyed our discussion of Greece’s place in the West and this great statesman’s legacy in securing it,” Pyatt tweeted.