Taxi union head backs SYRIZA ahead of elections


Attica taxi drivers’ union (SATA) chief Thymios Lymberopoulos has expressed his support for Greece’s leftist government ahead of municipal and European Parliament Elections.

“We will support those who supported us, who kept us on our feet, who stood on our side against the multinationals and Uber,” Lymberopoulos said Thursday on the sidelines of a rally held by Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis.

The government last year passed legislation restricting ride-hailing apps like Uber in the wake of vehement protests by Greek taxi drivers. Lymberopoulos is believed to have played a key role in the composition of the law.

Lymberopoulos, once a member of New Democracy party, also vowed to support SYRIZA’s candidate for Thessaloniki mayor, Katerina Notopoulou.