Simon Nixon sees ‘lessons for Brexit from Grexit’ after Greek election results


Following leftist SYRIZA's stinging defeat to conservative New Democracy in European Parliament elections, the columnist for The Times Simon Nixon commented that Greece was on the brink of electing a "pro-European mainstream center-right government.

"Lessons for Brexit from Grexit: four years after populists nearly crashed Greece out of the EU, the country is on the cusp of electing a committee pro-European mainstream centre right government," Nixon wrote on his Twitter account.

Nixon's comment was made in response to another Twitter post by Wall Street Journal journalist Marcus Walker who remarked that Syriza's margin of defeat "surprised both Tsipras & the opposition."

"Greeks appear to have made up their minds: time for a change after 4+ years," Walker wrote. "Tsipras gambles that snap elections will bring a smaller defeat now than if he waits."