Highly toxic invasive fish spreading in Aegean sea


Populations of the lagocephalus sceleratus, commonly known as the silver-cheeked toadfish, which in recent years have spread across the Aegean and the Mediterranean, could lead to death if consumed, according to marine biologists.

The fish, described as a “highly toxic invasive fish,” entered the Mediterranean from the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal.

According to Nota Peristeraki, a researcher at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, the presence of the fish was first recorded in 2003 off Turkey.

She says it is imperative that locals and tourists, especially those who engage in fishing activities, are informed about the dangers of consuming the fish.

Peristeraki said “it is strictly forbidden to sell or consume it.” She added that it had spread to the Mediterranean due to climate change and rising sea temperatures.

She also noted that none of its natural predators had followed it on its journey from the Indian Ocean.