Pakistan angry with Cypriots

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistan yesterday reacted angrily to the deportation of 10 Pakistani students by Cypriot authorities, saying that weaker nations were taking extreme measures to make themselves allies in the war on terror. «The Cypriot authorities decided to deport the Pakistani students on the basis of unspecified suspicion. They themselves have said no terrorism-related charges were established against them,» Foreign Ministry spokesman Masood Khan said. Khan said Pakistan Ambassador in Lebanon Asma Anisa, who is accredited to Nicosia, was in touch with the Cypriot authorities «and we would like to get an authentic response from them.» The Cypriot authorities last week said the Pakistanis were deported for reasons of the «highest national security and terrorism» following information received from foreign intelligence. «I think (when) weaker and vulnerable nations try to burnish and brandish their credentials on the war on terrorism, they resort to such practices,» the Pakistani spokesman said.