Former Aris star netted with fake credit cards

Mikhail Misunov, a 2.08-meter former center of the Aris basketball team in the late 1980s, has been arrested along with other members of a gang that allegedly defrauded individuals, businesses and banks of hundreds of millions of euros with fake credit cards, police said yesterday. Misunov was arrested on Friday, along with two Greek men and a Serb woman, while trying to make large purchases from an electronic goods store in Palaio Faliron, Athens, following a long investigation. Misunov alone was found to possess 30 fake credit cards whose magnetic tapes had been forged using advanced technology. The cards were issued with the names and particulars of unsuspecting customers of a large hotel in Skopje, in Misunov’s native Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Police believe the gang had accomplices in Myconos, Kozani and other northern Greek cities as well as abroad.