Lawmakers to debate crucial articles in constitutional revision


Proposals to change the law granting political immunity to members of Parliament and government and the procedure for a possible prosecution, to facilitate the vote of diaspora Greeks and change the electoral system will be debated by Greek lawmakers on Thursday, as part of the procedure to revise the country’s Constitution.

Ruling New Democracy and main opposition SYRIZA are expected to spar over a proposal by the latter for the changes in the prosecution of government members to have a retroactive effect.

The two main parties also differ in the way Greeks living abroad will be able to vote from their place of residence and if any limitations on this right will be included in the Constitution.

The session will start at noon. The process is due to be concluded on Monday, November 25, when the articles under revision will be put to a vote.

This is the fourth attempt to make changes to the country’s Constitution after 1975 when the first Constitution of the post-dictatorship era was voted into force.