Akar: Greek expulsion of Libyan envoy over deal ‘sign of weakness’


In comments to reporters, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar described Greece's decision to expel the Libyan Ambassador over a maritime boundaries deal between Ankara and Tripoli as a sign of weakness and indicated that the move would not affect the accord. 

"We regard it as a sign of weakness," he said, adding that, "it will not affect the final outcome." "We propose an approach that is cool-headed and logical," he said, maintaining that the deal is "in full harmony with international law." 

"The memorandum with Libya does not go against our neighbors but was created to supervise the rights and interests of two sovereign states, Turkey and Libya," he said. 

"Turkey's relationship with NATO is stronger and more substantial than ever," Akar added. "There is no point in questioning Turkey," he said, adding that Turkey's southern borders are also NATO's borders and that by guarding those, Turkey is guarding both NATO and Europe.