3 charged and remanded over theft of €4.2 mln


The manager of a local security company branch in the northern Greek city of Kavala and his two accomplices have been charged with grand larceny over the theft of 4.2 million euros from the security company's premises last January.

The security company manager had falsely reported to police last January that he had been abducted by two masked men and forced to open the company’s safe containing money destined for bank ATMs.

Police investigated and concluded that the “kidnappers” were actually friends of the manager's and that the story was a cover one. A search at the accomplices' business last week yielded almost 3.4 million euros hidden in various places.

Initially, the security company manager had been charged with embezzlement and the other two as accessories. However, the security firm, Brink's Hellas, has not pressed charges against the manager and he can not be charged with embezzlement.

Changing the charges led the three suspects' lawyers to lodge a protest. But they will still be imprisoned until the start of their trial.