Three arrested over Bulgarian soccer fan’s death in Thessaloniki


Police in the northern port city of Thessaloniki placed three suspects under arrest on Monday in connection with the death the previous night of a 28-year-old Bulgarian man following clashes between rival soccer club fans.

Police arrested two men aged 24 and 26 for participating in the clashes, as well as a 26-year-old woman who was allegedly driving the car that hit the Bulgarian man as he tried to escape a group of local soccer hooligans. The motorist will also face charges for abandoning the victim after hitting him.

A coroner’s report is still expected to shed light on whether the 28-year-old was killed as a result of being hit by the car or of injuries sustained during the clashes that broke out in central Thessaloniki a day after the Aris vs PAOK soccer derby on Saturday evening and a few hours before Sunday's PAOK vs Aris basketball match.

The 28-year-old Bulgarian man belonged to a soccer club that is affiliated with Thessaloniki’s Aris.