Anarchist group targets house of OTE executive


Members of anarchist group Rouvikonas sprayed slogans on the wall of the house of the chairman and chief executive officer of Greek telecoms operator OTE Michael Tsamaz in the northern suburb of Melissia, late Wednesday night.

The group posted a short video on an anti-establishment website showing people with covered faces spraying “Victory to the fight of OTE strikers” and threw flyers expressing support to striking company employees.

OTE workers’ union called a strike for all working days from December 21 to January 12, after the company dismissed in December six security guards who refused to join a voluntary exit program. All six former employees were paid compensation.

The company announced it is taking legal action against the OME-OTE union, arguing a small part of employees are blocking others who want to work.

OTE is 40 percent owned and managed by Deutsche Telekom.