Deadly bait against cats and dogs scattered on Athens’ Philopappou Hill


At least two dogs have undergone surgery after eating sausages laced with fishing hooks and other sharp objects that had been scattered across Philopappou Hill, which is popular with Athenian dog owners and home to numerous strays.

According to a report in Lifo magazine, a local resident discovered dozens of pieces of sausages on the hill on Thursday afternoon. They were stuffed with fishing hooks, screws and metal shavings and scatted over a 2-kilometer area.

“They were everywhere, on the cobbled paths, among the olive trees, on the ground,” Giorgos Triantafyllos told Lifo. "They were not there in the morning, so they had to have been placed around lunchtime,” he added.

Located in central Athens, Philopappou Hill is guarded by security but does not have CCTV cameras.