Athens far from accepting Turkey-Libya maritime border deal, says ministry


Greece rejected on Wednesday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's claims that Athens is gradually accepting Ankara's positioning in the Eastern Mediterranean following the maritime border deal with Libya, saying that these activities undermine regional stability.

“As we have repeatedly stressed, illegal actions produce no legal effect. Greece, along with the international community, both rejects and condemns Turkey’s illegal moves in the region,” Foreign Affairs Ministry's spokesman Alexandros Gennimatas said in a statement.

Turkey's activities are also creating pretexts for violating the arms embargo in Libya and attempting to usurp the sovereign rights of countries in the region, he added. "Unfortunately, in this, too, Turkey continues to be a minority of one."

Speaking in Turkey's Parliament on Wednesday, Erdogan claimed that Ankara's “resolute stance” on the maritime border deal, countries involved and especially Greece are accepting the current status.