In letter to UN, Greece protests Turkish violation of sovereign rights


In a letter to the United Nations, Greece has protested against Turkey’s “unsubstantiated and legally unfounded claims” in the Eastern Mediterannean saying that they shun “the legitimate sovereign rights of Greece and of other neighboring countries” in the same maritime area.

“More specifically, according to a well-established principle of the law of the sea, islands, regardless of their size, have full entitlement to maritime zones (continental shelf/exclusive economic zone), as other land territory,” said the letter, adding that the rule is clearly stipulated in article 121 (2) of the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea which reflects customary international law as confirmed by international jurisprudence.

“This is also confirmed by international practice, including existing delimitation agreements in the Eastern Mediterranean,” it added.

The letter, dated February 19, was sent by Greece’s permanent representative to the UN and it was addressed to the Secretary General.