Greek ship targeted by pirates off Guinea; one crew missing


Apart from a Filipino national who is missing, the remaining 21 crew of a Greek-flagged chemical tanker that was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea off western Africa on Thursday were reportedly in good health on Friday and the ship was heading to Lagos, Nigeria.

It was still not clear on Friday if the missing crew member was abducted or fell into the sea.

The ship’s management company said the Minerva Virgo was boarded by pirates some 72 kilometers off the coast of Benin on its way to Lagos from The Netherlands.

The 21 crew, however, managed to hide in the so-called Citadel – a safe part of the ship that is inaccessible from the outside after it is secured. The pirates raided the vessel and made off with whatever loot they could find before the Benin coast guard arrived on the scene.