Lesvos supermarket closed after employee tests positive for Covid-19


Greek supermarket chain Masoutis on Tuesday said that has closed its branch in the town of Plomari on Lesvos after an employee was infected with the highly contagious coronavirus, making this the first confirmed case of Covid-19 on the eastern Aegean island.

In an announcement, Masoutis’ management said that the employee had been ordered to stay at home as soon as she returned from a trip to a country that has already experienced an outbreak of the virus. The company did not specify what that destination was or when the trip took place.

“As soon as we learned that the particular employee tested positive for Covid-19, and before any recommendations could made or the state authorities issued regulations, the company decided to close the store and sterilize it,” Masoutis said.

The store will be closed until March 13, while the rest of the employees there are following the instructions of the National Health Organization (EODY), the company added.